L'Atelier de Benoit, RJC "Responsible Jewellery Council" certified, is committed to promoting ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the jewellery chain, from mining to delivery of the pieces to our customers.

L'Atelier de Benoit is a member of the RJC and has been COP and COC certified since June 30, 2023.

RJC certification


The Responsible Jewellery Council is the leading standards authority in the global watch and jewellery industry, responsible for all aspects of the jewellery supply chain - from the mining source to the retailer.


The RJC certification aims to create a responsible global supply chain that promotes trust in the global jewellery and watch industry. In doing so, it addresses various supply chain integrity and sustainability issues within the industry.

Why DID WE join this organisation?

RJC certification

Committed to a fairer future, we are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and have been doubly certified CoP (Code of Practice) and CoC (Code of Conduct) since June 30, 2023. Our duty of care is more than ever at the heart of our commitments.

Why do we choose to undergo this procedure?

Being RJC CoP & CoC certified is fully in line with our values of ethics, social and environmental responsibility. Our desire to offer our customers committed, qualitative and responsible jewellery work is part of this approach.

Our commitment charters

Sourcing policy

Our responsible sourcing policy confirms our pledge to respect human rights, avoid contributing to the financing of conflicts, and to respect all United Nations resolutions and sanctions.

Due Diligence report

L'Atelier de Benoit conducts its due diligence according to the OECD's 5-step guide for the sourcing of raw materials that may originate from or transit through conflict or high risk areas (CAHRA). As part of this process, L'Atelier de Benoit has compiled this review.

Complaint management

L'Atelier de Benoit has established a procedure for handling complaints relating to the company's operations and those of its direct and indirect partners. This framework allows us to intervene in the event of complaints concerning the supply chain, human rights and working conditions, business ethics and the environment.

Human Rights

L'Atelier de Benoit acknowledges its responsibility for human rights and believes it has a role to play in their protection and promotion. Our human rights policy confirms this commitment


An alloy of traditional know-how and the most modern and sophisticated techniques.

Benoit - Le Créateur - Haute Joaillerie - L'Atelier de Benoit - Genève

The Creator


From the first sketches to the most refined and elegant finishing touches, Benoit sublimates haute joaillerie through the mastery of his art and creativity. As a talented artiste, he is committed to absolute transparency and confidentiality with his clients.

Sensitive to environmental and social issues, L'Atelier de Benoit is also devoted to respecting and pursuing eco-conscious practices.