In the heart of Geneva, discover the behind-the-scenes of the most exquisite jewellery creations. 

The Atelier

The Creator's Universe

Astonishing, luminous and authentic..., l'Atelier de Benoit is a place conducive to the creation and design of the most beautiful pieces of work. Time appears to be suspended in this world of endless possibilities.

Traditional craftsmanship

It is a place where we imagine a future ring, a necklace resting on the workbench between the calliper, files and soldering iron. All in all, a fascinating place where tradition and modernity come together, where traditional craftsmanship meets the perpetual search and quest for new trends.


To take excellence to the next level, we use the latest CAD, 3D and laser welding techniques. All of our production follow-up is automated. A 2.0 workshop to comply with the transparency and traceability requirements of our customers.

Our Team

A team of passionate experts at the service of jewellery creation


Happy founder of l’Atelier de Benoit. A passionate and compassionate guide to achieve excellence along with his teams.


“A jewel has the power to be that little something that makes you feel unique”  Jennie Kwon


“Work always looks easy when work is a pleasure.” François-Joachim de Pierre, cardinal de Bernis


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing more to take away.”  Antoine de St Exupéry


Shares with l'Atelier de Benoit (her spouse), her 25 years of professional experience and 360° mastery of the world of jewellery. The founder of the agency Le Sens du Détail accompanies jewellery professionals on a daily basis.


A unique experience

Do you dream of discovering the fascinating world of a jewellery designer? Would you like to wear a piece of jewellery you have imagined and created yourself? For passionate amateurs or professionals, we have designed a unique experience, an immersion in the beating heart of the Creator's den: L'Atelier de Benoit. 

Guided by one of our jewellers

You will acquaint yourself with jewellery craftsmen and their savoir-faire, be able to experiment with the gestures and learn more about the techniques of the trade. A whole day dedicated to understanding the expertise involved in the creative process and the multiple skills that form the essence of these artistic professions.

Immersion day

One of our jewellers will accompany you throughout the day to help you discover all the stages of a creation.

Professionals - Educate your employees

You wish to raise your teams' awareness about the jewellery industry to add a new dimension to their customer approach.

Individuals - To offer or to treat oneself

Creator at heart, treat yourself to an exceptional experience. At the end of the day, you will have the pleasure of leaving with your very own creation! 

Program: "Ease into the art of fine jewellery creation"

What you can expect?

• The unveiling of the different jewellery-making professions

• A moment of thought before setting your sights on a desired model or design

• The exciting acquaintance of the artisan’s workbench and handling of the tools and instruments

• A free-flow of personal esquisses and sketches

• The sculpting of a wax model to bring your ideas to life

• The meticulous carving of a metal plate

• The polishing and addition of finishing touches as well as the mastery of all the essential gestures for the delicate setting process


Step into a universe where the only limit will be that of the imagination.

Benoit - Le Créateur - Haute Joaillerie - L'Atelier de Benoit - Genève

The Creator


From the first sketches to the most refined and elegant finishing touches, Benoit sublimates haute joaillerie through the mastery of his art and creativity. As a talented artiste, he is committed to absolute transparency and confidentiality with his clients.

Sensitive to environmental and social issues, L'Atelier de Benoit is also devoted to respecting and pursuing eco-conscious practices.