Benoit, the art(iste) behind self-reinvention to create jewellery of tomorrow


An attentive ear

Born in Champagne, my family has passed on to me its taste for finesse, hospitality and curiosity. As an epicurean, I love to share, exchange, welcome and guide the aspirations of my customers as well as craft unique pieces for them in a trusting, sincere and enchanting atmosphere.

The vision of my craft

More than a profession, it is an art de vivre where we dive into time to invent, design, adjust and sublimate the material to perfection to ensure the complete satisfaction of my clientele. Practicing my art is a delicate journey towards finding balance, translating the desires of my clients into sketches and transforming them into concrete reality so that the envisioned dream can become tangible.


The collective at the service of the jewellery industry

We take a backseat in front of exceptional jewellery. The success of our projects is the result of everyone's involvement, the shared emulation of our know-how, interactions and dedication of all our team members. Our suppliers also play their part as key players, trusted partners with whom we collaborate for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

L'Atelier de Benoit - Création de Haute Joaillerie - Atelier Genève
Responsibility & Commitment

We are committed to being responsible towards our customers, suppliers, teams and environment. This is why we favor short circuits in our daily routine. L'Atelier de Benoit strives to adopt sustainable practices by paying close attention to the social and ecological dimension of its sourcing and production methods.

Trust & Confidentiality

Trust and confidentiality are the cornerstones of our relationship with our customers and suppliers. To entrust is, quite simply, to “hand over something precious to someone, trusting them and thus surrendering oneself to their benevolence and good faith”. This is what our customers do whenever they call upon us and is one of the main reasons why they push open the door of our atelier.

Creator of trends

Anything is possible

The arts, travel, history, architecture, culture and nature are - for me - an infinite source of inspiration. These passions have allowed me to cultivate a genuine freedom to create and thus spur new trends. Once I had perfectly mastered the techniques, I entered a world where the only limit is that of imagination. 

Drawing inspiration from the present to create the future

Leading jewellery houses solicit us to come up with innovative creations, jewellery born from original combinations of materials and an alchemy between new technologies and the craftsmanship of a jeweller gifted with unique skills.


L'alliance des savoir-faire traditionnels et des techniques modernes les plus sophistiquées