An alloy of traditional know-how and the most modern and sophisticated techniques.

Le créateur - Benoit - L'Atelier de Benoit

A tailor-made approach

At your disposal

The key to any successful project lies in the thorough understanding of the client's expectations, aspirations and personality. Afterall, they will be the bearers of the jeweller's creation. We seek to lend an attentive ear to understand, inspire and create an extension of individuality.

Finest craftsmanship

From the first sketches to the final finishing touches, each step of the project is part of an artisanal approach that blends know-how and customization. L'Atelier de Benoit surrounds itself with la crème de la crème: the best craftsmen to create exceptional jewellery. 


Sketch drawings

It all starts with a freehand sketch, before the drawing is refined to unveil the shape, scale and proportions of the future jewel.


Wax/3D design

Then comes the time for the wax sculpture to reveal the scope of the project and design to the client. This specific step in the creation process encapsulates the jeweller's artistic sensitivity and flair.


Creation of the frame

During this step, the jeweller will exercise all of his art on the metal so as to sculpt the frame and make it as delicate as it is solid, as resistant as it is graceful, in order to best embrace and reveal the sparkle of the gems and precious stones.



It's now time to proceed with a complex technique. The art of the diamond and gemstone setter consists in accurately mounting the gems onto the metal and highlighting them whilst almost outshining the rest of the ring.


Finishing work

Last but not least, by using a delicate hand to polish, brighten and sometimes rhodium plate, all traces or marks left from tools or instruments can be carefully removed thereby enhancing the gemstone's polish and shine.


Hand engraving

Once revealed, your exceptional piece of jewellery can be engraved by hand for a highly unique personal touch and message.

Metals and precious stones

Precious metals and alloys

We work with noble and prestigious metals: gold, silver and platinum. We sometimes also combine materials such as titanium or aluminium to offer an original experience through the innovative blend of materials, volumes and colors.


Although we essentially work with our clients' stones, we are often led to suggest the addition of new gems to complement and sublimate our clients' designs and wishes. To do so, we have surrounded ourselves with the best experts - diamond dealers, gemologists, stone masons - along with the most cutting-edge and sophisticated equipment.


Step into a universe where the only limit will be that of the imagination.

Benoit - Le Créateur - Haute Joaillerie - L'Atelier de Benoit - Genève

The Creator


From the first sketches to the most refined and elegant finishing touches, Benoit sublimates haute joaillerie through the mastery of his art and creativity. As a talented artiste, he is committed to absolute transparency and confidentiality with his clients.

Sensitive to environmental and social issues, L'Atelier de Benoit is also devoted to respecting and pursuing eco-conscious practices.