Grandes Maisons

Recognized for our expertise and discretion, we work hand-in-hand with the most prestigious houses and names.

Private Individuals

We cater to all demands to enhance your beloved pieces with a new luster and bring to life your imagined custom-made creation.

Grandes Maisons


We collaborate on a daily basis with the biggest names in haute joaillerie. The great houses can count on our absolute discretion and in-depth expertise in artisanal techniques as well as the profession's customs and traditions.


Exceptional work is regularly commissioned for the finesse of the gesture and the mastery of the most sophisticated techniques. The creation, design, transformation of existing parts, repair and conservation processes are entrusted to us by the most prestigious names in the trade.


An alloy of traditional know-how and the most modern and sophisticated techniques.


A face-to-face

It all begins with a warm and authentic exchange with Benoit. Whether it is for the creation, restoration or transformation of a jewel, Benoit takes the time to explore the story behind the project, the client's individuality as well as the desired style and emotion.


We welcome you in our secretive in-house lair, our atelier, in the utmost security and discretion. We respond to all requests in order to satisfy the expectations of our most demanding clientele.


Entrust us with your ideas and share your desires. We offer you all our savoir-faire to create the unique piece of jewellery of your dreams in line with the budget you have set for yourself.


An antique piece, a slightly old-fashioned set of jewels or an inherited family heirloom? Entrust these pieces to us and we will seek to give them a second life, resize or polish them, reveal their beauty and allow you to wear them with pride and delight.


Is one of your jewels broken or severely damaged? Does the gemstone need to be replaced? Is the ring no longer the right size? Our team of experts will repair your jewellery whilst preserving its identity so that it doesn't end up at the bottom of a drawer and is able to share its sparkle with the world.


Steeped in history and marked by the style of an era, restored jewels will allow you to rebuild ties with the past and sublimate the present with an authentic piece of jewellery that reflects your spirit.


L'alliance des savoir-faire traditionnels et des techniques modernes les plus sophistiquées


Step into a universe where the only limit will be that of the imagination.

Benoit - Le Créateur - Haute Joaillerie - L'Atelier de Benoit - Genève

The Creator


From the first sketches to the most refined and elegant finishing touches, Benoit sublimates haute joaillerie through the mastery of his art and creativity. As a talented artiste, he is committed to absolute transparency and confidentiality with his clients.

Sensitive to environmental and social issues, L'Atelier de Benoit is also devoted to respecting and pursuing eco-conscious practices.